Renovation and Restoration

Mercy Ships partners with host nations on strategic renovation projects, working with local construction crews. These renovations prepare the buildings Mercy Ships needs for its programming during the field service. Once the Africa Mercy® and the Global Mercy™ hospital ships depart, the newly renovated buildings are handed over to the Ministry of Health. In this way, the renovation work supports the immediate field service, and also benefits the country’s long-term needs.

HOPE Center

The Hospital Out-Patient Extension (HOPE) Center is a non-clinical, temporary accommodation for patients who have received healthcare services on board the Africa Mercy and Global Mercy, as well as their caregivers. Once discharged from the hospital, patients can stay at the HOPE Center as they continue to recover. For these patients, the HOPE Center provides a safe, secure, and hygienic facility where they can reside until they are able to return to their homes. The HOPE Center frees precious bed space in the hospital ward on the ship.

Dental Clinic

The Mercy Ships dental clinic is historically located at an off-ship facility to serve the large number of dental patients that Mercy Ships serves. The Mercy Ships dental program addresses dental needs by providing preventative and restorative treatment for women, men, and children in the host country. The program often offers critical dental services by treating thousands throughout each field service.

Eye Clinic

This project supports an integral component of the Mercy Ships mission: addressing blindness and other eye maladies associated with cataracts, pterygium, strabismus, and other eye conditions. Surgeries are performed on board the Africa Mercy and the Global Mercy. Mercy Ships also typically conducts screenings for patient selection, pre-operative assessment, post-operative treatments, measures visual improvements, and provides optometric services as needed.

Hospital Infrastructure

When necessary and appropriate, Mercy Ships will conduct renovations at a local hospital to improve the capacity and quality of surgical care. Renovations may include:

  • OR Renovations
  • Improved Power Source
  • Water and Septic System Repair
  • Improved Walkways and Roads