Senegal Patient Selection

11 March 2020

Africa Mercy’s Senegal consultation schedule is full

Mercy Ships is now in its eighth month in Senegal, and with only two months of our field service left, our consultation schedule is full. Our patient selection team is therefore unable to take any more referrals.

We are very grateful for all of the patient selection days that were held, in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Social Action, across the country. Together we visited Dakar, Thiès, Diourbel, Fatick, Kaolack, Kaffrine, Louga, Saint Louis, Matam, Tambacounda, Kedougou, Kolda, Sedhiou and Ziguinchor

We would also like to thank you for all the referrals that we have received through our website.

Mercy Ships hopes to return to Senegal one day, however, as yet no date has been set.

Referrals for our next field service, hosted by Liberia, will not yet be processed.  We expect to be able to provide an update on patient selection and referrals in July 2020.

Senegal Patient Selection

The patient selection team worked together with the Ministry of Health and Social Action (MSAS) from August to December 2019 and went through every planned region. All planned surgery spots except for eye surgeries are currently allocated.

Eye screening will continue to take place through February from 8AM to 11AM every:

  • Tuesdays and Thursdays at Sangalkam
  • Wednesdays at Hôpital Bartime in Thiès

Surgeries onboard the Africa Mercy have been taking place since September and will continue until May. We are also conducting dental interventions until May in Sangalkam.

This page was updated 1/21/2020.