Our Courses & Mentoring Programs 

Our Medical Capacity Building (MCB) program aims to support and strengthen surgical health systems from grassroots to Government in the most impactful way. Empowering individuals and governments through training and mentoring by providing…

  1. High quality courses and mentoring to meet the needs of local health professionals
  2. Targeted donations
  3. Support to the Government and advocate for ongoing development of national standards in safe surgery
  4. Data collection for use in research and impact evaluation

Solutions for a lasting impact. 

The purpose of our courses and mentoring is to provide clinical knowledge and skills to optimize the care of healthcare professionals.  Mercy Ships wants to equip, support and encourage participants to learn and share what they have learned with colleagues and students.

Are you excited to learn and grow?

The Senegalese Ministry of Health and Social Affairs (MOHSA) is our main Partner in establishing our Medical Capacity Building program. While we’re in the process of finalizing our program for Senegal for 2019 – 2020 we’re happy to receive some information from you already. Fill out our online form if you’re already working in the medical field.

Mercy Ships doesn’t offer educational programs. Our MCB programs are in support of people who already work in the medical field. We’re offering our programs in partnership with local hospitals and clinics in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs. Our courses and mentoring are meant to expand the knowledge base of medical professionals already working in their field of practice. 

Please note that all Mercy Ships courses and mentoring are free of charge, so no per diem or compensation is provided by Mercy Ships.

Want to share our story?

We’d love for you to share our story and we’d love to share our story with you. We believe that collaboration is based on trust. By being transparent with local media and inviting them to learn more about our mission, we hope to build partnerships that will help to reach our mutual goals.

We have already selected some important facts and figures for your convenience. If you have any questions, please reach out using our contact form. One of our staff members will try to get back to you as soon as possible.