Going both further and faster.

One of the key elements is collaboration.
We would be nowhere without it.

We are in Dakar, Senegal.

The volunteer professionals of Mercy Ships are honoured to partner with Senegal’s health ministry by offering immediate surgical intervention onboard the Africa Mercy, sharing advice and resources to build Senegal’s own capacity, and will assist the Minister of Health where we can in creating a dynamic national surgical plan. All of Mercy Ships services are offered in Senegal at no cost.

In our visits here, we have discovered that the existing healthcare system is filled with dedicated professionals, all of whom wish to serve their patients at the highest possible level. We are hopeful that we can contribute to the knowledge base to elevate healthcare even higher.

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We are excited to share our story with you. We believe that a successful collaboration is based on mutual trust. By being transparent with local media and organizations and inviting them to learn more about our mission, we hope to build strong partnerships that will help us achieve our goals.

For this purpose, we have selected for you the most important facts and figures about Mercy Ships.

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