Are you ready to start a once-in-a-lifetime journey?

Your skills, talents, time, and expertise are needed to transform lives either as a volunteer or as day crew: 

Volunteer Opportunities

More than 1,550 professionals from over 60 nations around the world volunteer on our hospital ships each year. Some serve for weeks, some for months, and some come for years! Volunteer crewmembers serve on a variety of roles such as surgeons, medical staff, captains, cooks, teachers, technicians, and electricians. 

Day Crew Opportunities

Mercy Ships day crew comprises over 200 workers from the host nation where Mercy Ships is docked. These individuals are recruited incountry and are the backbone of the work we do. This includes offering language, cultural and operational support in the hospital, stewards, deck and engineering departments.

Day Crew Compensation and Benefits 

Mercy Ships recruits national workers to provide support services on the hospital ships in the country where the ships are serving. 

Day crew are given a stipend for the period they serve on the Mercy Ships.

Day crew volunteers are provided with relevant training as needed. 

Hear from long term volunteer Clementine Tengue about her journey to live an inspirational life with Mercy Ships.

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