African initiative #AfricaThanksMercyShips

The #AfricaThanksMercyShips initiative is the heartfelt call from the hearts of African music artists expressing the gratitude on behalf of thousands of African patients whose lives have been transformed by Mercy Ships’ surgeons and nurses.

The Beninese musicians are the first to engage in the campaign to say “Mercy Ships Thank you” through a professional video clip that conveys compassion and humanity.

Mercy Ships has successfully completed five humanitarian missions in Benin which have restored hope and healing to thousands of suffering people and has established its regional office for Africa in Cotonou, Benin.

Mercy Ships and Benin have maintained an exceptional partnership in the strengthening of the national healthcare system since 1997. In Benin, Mercy Ships has renovated and equipped health facilities, strengthened the technical skills of hundreds of health professionals, and supported Benin’s efforts in the response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Musicians and artists from Cameroon, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ghana, Guinea, Liberia, Senegal and Togo will join the campaign.

The Beninese music artists are launching the campaign a week after Mercy Ships announcement of the deployment of a second hospital ship in 2021, the Global Mercy™, which will join the Africa Mercy®, in operation in Africa since 2007. As a result, Mercy Ships’ capacity will be multiplied to bring more hope, more healing, and transform even more lives.

The Global Mercy is a modern and high-performance hospital ship. It is equipped with six surgical operating rooms. It will provide African surgeons, obstetricians, dentists and anesthesiologists with a dedicated training platform including a simulation laboratory for surgical operations and post-operative care. The Global Mercy will therefore double Mercy Ships’ capacity in Africa: “Double the Hope. Double the Healing”.

About the Beninese artist-musicians “Friends of Mercy Ships“.

Les Tériba: Tatiana and Carine AHISSOU, two sisters form the group which celebrates the Beninese musical legacy. Les Tériba distinguish themselves with their acoustic music, “a capella” songs with traditional African melodies and rhythms.

Nikanor : Rn’B singer, Hervé Jean François AHEHEHINNOU is one of the most loved voices by the Beninese youth. His clips count more than a million views on Youtube. https:/

Faty : Fatima KOUCHEKEHO, Beninese singer and performer is the voice of world music, jazz and Afro-Pop in Benin.

Gangbé Brass Band: A brass band founded in 1994 based on the model of the New Orleans jazz band. It is a group of eight musicians considered to be one of the most important brass bands in Africa. The group is recognized worldwide for the authenticity and uniqueness of its art. The leader of the clan, Athanase DEHOUMON is an exceptional trumpet player with such a wonderful sound.

Zeynab HABIB: Winner of the Kora Awards 2005 “Best Female Artist of West Africa” and the Africa Awards 2016 “Best Traditional Music Artist”, Zeynab is a Beninese music diva.

Pépit’art: A group of thirty children, mostly girls, who beat Tam-Tam as their ancestors did. They transmit the message of peace and the joy of living in the Beninese tradition.