Finding Freedom from a Tumor After 15 Years: Fidisoa’s Journey

The tumor on 38-year-old Fidisoa’s back started out just like a tiny pimple... then it turned into a lump... and eventually grew to the size of a fist. Before long, the tumor had grown to such a size that when Fidisoa wore a shirt, any onlooker would have assumed he carried a backpack underneath.   Now 53, Fidisoa has come a long way, having spent the last 15 years of his life shadowed by the massive tumor on his back – but he’s always remained determined to find a solution. 

Africa Mercy

A father of three can sleep comfortably on his back for the first time in 15 years after having a massive tumor – weighing 11lbs (5kgs) – removed by surgical charity Mercy Ships. Malagasy builder and rice farmer Fidisoa was 38 when what appeared to be a tiny pimple on his back started to grow, first into a lump and then into the size of a fist. It continued to grow until Fidisoa looked as if he carried a backpack underneath his shirt.

Healing in Madagascar: Muriella’s Journey of Hope

Nestled atop a hill with breathtaking views and strong gusts of wind is a village in the heart of Madagascar. Just a six-hour drive from the capital of Antananarivo or Tana, where most of the island’s population live, the village is a sharp contrast to Tana – with only a few hundred inhabitants.  This village is where 26-year-old Muriella lives with her husband, Tsory. However, Muriella’s unique story stands out from the rest of her small community. About a decade ago, at the age of 17, Muriella had a tumor slowly growing on the left side of her face. 

Boy, 12, reunites with hospital ship that transformed his life a decade ago as it returns to provide more surgeries

A boy who had his legs straightened by a health charity ten years ago has been back onboard the ship that transformed his life as it returned to his home country to offer more free life-changing surgeries. Romino, now 12, was just a toddler when his legs started to bow. His parents saw he was struggling to walk and knew they could not get him the surgery he needed in their home of Madagascar.

Mercy Ships Welcomes Presidential Visit on board, in Toamasina Harbo

Malagasy president His Excellency Andry Nirina Rajoelina visited patients and volunteers on board Mercy Ships’ hospital vessel to see for himself the lives being transformed.

Mercy Ships Welcomes First Patient in Madagascar, Marking a New Era in Africa

A baby girl became the first patient to receive free life-changing surgery from Mercy Ships in Madagascar since the international charity returned to the island nation. Ten-month-old Anjara’s surgery marks a significant landmark for the organization which is operating two hospital ships at once in Africa for the first time.

Hospital ship to commence free life-changing surgeries for selected patients in Madagascar

TOAMASINA, MADAGASCAR – More than 120 community leaders, dignitaries and other guests gathered on board the hospital ship, the Africa Mercy® (May 15th) to celebrate the imminent start of international charity Mercy Ships’ impactful surgical interventions in Madagascar.

An Electrician’s Journey to Finding Purpose and Professional Growth

When Jean Jacques Diouf climbed the gangway of the Africa Mercy® for the first time in his home country of Senegal, he’d packed his suitcase with enough supplies for just one week. He figured he wasn’t going to be on board for long. He’d only come to volunteer because he couldn’t say no to his father, who felt confident Mercy Ships would turn his son’s life around personally and professionally and advised him to just “go and see what happens.”  

A father’s love: Aissatou’s story

2022 was not the first time that Ousmane had sought medical help for his daughter Aissatou. Since his little girl was born with a cleft lip four years earlier, he had been in pursuit of her healing. The family had visited multiple hospitals in Senegal, but none could provide the help they needed. Others in his village started to lose hope, telling Ousmane that his daughter’s cleft lip was beyond repair.

Bringing a Crew Together on the World’s Largest Civilian Hospital Ships

It takes hundreds of volunteers to power Mercy Ships’ mission of following the model of Jesus to deliver safe and free surgeries via hospital ships. Those volunteers need to be equipped with professional skills in medicine, seafaring, accounting, cooking, and many other fields. They hail from countries around the world, and they must navigate long journeys, language barriers, visa procurement, and more logistics before they board the ship and begin serving. Through it all, the Mercy Ships People & Culture (P&C) team is beside them, offering crewmembers the support and expertise they need to succeed.